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Get The Answers of The Most Common Questions About Music Licensing

Music licensing – probably one of the most complicated topics that even the creators of this industry are not fully aware of. Moreover, also because this is not one of those topics that are frequently heard, music licensing therefore always remains as a complicated topic for the people. If you want to be a part of this industry and want to get famous through your creations, you need to have complete knowledge about music licensing.

When you listen to the music in the movies or commercials or restaurants or in Starbucks or at any public avenue, do you in each of the mentioned platforms music licensing is initially bought so that they are able to play music. If you aren’t sure what actually is music licensing then keep it very simple like you are renting the music from the creator in exchange of royalties. This way you are acquiring permission from the composers and creator to use that music for your professional use so that you can enjoy its benefits.

What are the song rights?

You should know that there are different aspects of song rights which can be licensed.

  • The lyrics
  • The recording
  • The composition

How to get the permission for using the rights?

You should know that when you are using someone’s material like the best indie rock songs, you need to take permission from them, not from someone else. Similarly, you need to get the license from the right holders. Well, in the music industry, this can be complex as the right holders might be more than one which means you need to get in touch with each of them individually, convince them, sign the deal in order to get the music license.

  • Recording: The sound recording rights, which is also known as the master rights are being managed by the one financing the sound recording. Generally these are being handled with the record label and hence they can be the right place unless you want to use a music made by an indie artist.
  • Composition: Generally, the composition which constitutes of the melody and lyrics, are written by songwriters. These are administered by publishers or the publishing company and hence they will be the right place to reach. However, if you are dealing with a writer who has self published then you directly need to contact him.
  • Lyrics: The right of the lyrics is being controlled by the one who write it. This is generally the songwriter. However, if the songwriter has signed a deal with the publishing agency, you need to deal with the agency to get the rights of using the lyrics.

When do I need to get the license?

Well there are several scenarios when the music license is a need for people. Every time when you think of using best indie rock music made by someone else, you need to reach out to them and get the license of the song.

Some of the most common scenarios are:

  • When you are running a live performance or a radio show like in nightclubs, restaurants, commercial establishments and so on.
  • When  you want to use a music in some visual project like TV, films, commercial, video games, online video and so on
  • When you want to use music in some toys
  • When you want to use the music in some app with lyrics being displayed

What are the different kinds of license?

There are several types of license and each license is for a different purpose.

  • Performance License: performance license is the type which provides license holders the permission for using any song at clubs, performances, multimedia presentations business establishments, conventions, meeting and much more. Therefore this is the kind of license which provides you with the permission that anyone who is in the public platform and looking forward to suing music for their professional benefit needs to get this license. When you buy the license, the royalties that you pay are distributed to the people associated in the process.
  • Master License: This is the kind of license which gives the permission to license holders to make use of the recording made by someone else. This license can be obtained from right holders for every song which you want to use for your purpose.
  • Mechanical License: Buying mechanical license provides permission to the holder to reproduce sound. Just for an example, if you are an artist willing to record any cover song will require the mechanical license. Every time a song copy being made like CD production, the songwriter will get a royalty which the used will pay. However, in various cases, this will again be divided within multiple partners.
  • Blanket License: Collecting societies and the PROs offer the blanket license which again allows the licensee to get access to complete or a portion of the songs in exchange of an annual fee. This client can be a radio station or any shopping center who would like to play different types of songs in their background. Since in radio there is no selection as different songs are played, the blanket license can be a great one. This takes less time and yet becomes a better choice.

How Music of the Sea can be Helpful?

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