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Get in Details About The Basics of Music Industry

Before we get to know things in details, let us first have a look at the basics.

Who is the songwriter?

Probably the one who has an entire library of notebooks filled with the lyrics.

If you are someone who cannot play any instrument but have knowledge about the words and have some powerful and ground-breaking lyrics that can probably bring out a hit of the era. You want to hear the lyrics written by you sang by the popular artists of modern times. But how? Only then if you can reach them and convince them to sing your song, you can. So, this means you are a songwriter, right?

No, in the terms of the industry, you are a lyricist.

Both the words are interchangeably used nut then again both are pretty different as lyricist sound much more professional than songwriter. This again is the right way to pitch. This improves the chances of getting the deal done.

A lyricist is responsible for writing the main lyrics of the sing, not the melody but a songwriter is someone who wrote the words along with decides the melody of the song as well. This does not mean that you have to write the notes of music beneath the words, but all you need to do is to provide a general melody of the lyrics and song. Are you responsible for licensing music? Yes if you are working independently and no if you work with a good music publishing agency.

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Who is a Music Publisher?

As mentioned by a music publishing agency, “The function of music publisher seems similar like the record label does for the performer or band.”

Their goals for the songwriters are similar like record labels have for artists. Any music publishing agency will be able to manage the sing and ensure that your entitled royalties are being collected. They will go out for you to find out the licensing opportunities, work for issuing the license for your work, even in some cases they might be working in the entire process of creation as well. They would collect a portion from the royalties along with the other incomes which comes from the songs.

Is there a Need For Publishers?

Being a songwriter, is there a need for publishing deal?

Unfortunately, this industry is tough and there is no easy way. Music publishing is complex and royalty management along with the licensing work takes a lot of time. Being an artist if you get absorbed in the business proceedings then you might end up hampering the creative side of you. Having a publishing agency is always for the betterment of your career.

There is no doubt that music is a global business. With a huge number of music streaming apps, music is everywhere. You can earn revenue from anywhere – there is no specific place. Only when you have a music publishing working for you they can go out to get all of that for you and during that time, you can utilize your energy and time on writing another big hit.

So before you plan to do all of it by yourself, you should be calm and ask yourself the most common questions, do I really have the time to do all of these by my own? Taking the licensing headache, collecting the royalties might seem like only a few task, but in real ground it’s harder than you can imagine.

With a publishing company it becomes a lot easier. They comprehend the need and importance of publishing. Besides, they also have knowledge on the way to price the work or set the price for your music which you will not be able to do. Since they have been in the industry, they understand the pricing structure. In short, with a music publishing agency, the complex things become a lot easier for the creative people.

If you are in search for one such agency in town, you can get in touch with Music of the Sea, as they are a known name in the area. Working with some of high-end names, they have a huge network which becomes great for the indie artists. Not only will they help you to take care of the royalties and the licensing programs, but also they can be a great step for the newcomers to get their job.

Basics of Music Industry

You being a newcomer in the music industry might find it hard to get a client which is why again a music publishing company is a big benefit. Putting your albums in their catalogue under the right category can help you to get a huge deal. However, it requires your music to be unique and great.

So you can get in touch with Music of the Sea today to give all your stress of music library licensing to them and meantime, you let your creativity come up with another big hit.