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Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Best Music Licensing Platform

When it comes to music licensing, we often need to know in detail about it. Whether you are a music composer or a business entrepreneur, whoever is dealing with music needs to have prior knowledge about the music license. Being a composer, if you are willing to get your music to the world but stay away from illegal use of it, music license is the only way. On the other hand, if you are a business owner willing to include music on your premise for the public, you again need to buy the license in order to stay away from paying the huge penalties. Staying in touch with the best music licensing agency like Music of the Sea can certainly become helpful in every path you move.

Well, right now after going through all of it, you have tons of questions in your mind. If you have no one who is from the music industry to provide you with ample knowledge, you can take a look at the following questions to get complete answers to all your questions. Hopefully this will become helpful for you.

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What is the definition of Public Performance of Music and also what is the Public Performance Right?

As per the U.S. Copyright law, The Public Performance means the one which generally happens outside the homely circle of your family and friends. The music publishers, composers, and song writers only have the rights of playing the music in public along with to authorize what others can do under the law. This is generally known as the Performance Right.

The only purpose for performance right is to reward the music creators and also inspire them to create more such music. You can mostly find the word “All Rights Reserved” placed on the movies which you have purchased or rented which means you are not allowed to play that movie in public. The very same restrictions are there in case of music as well. Each and every business needs to get the permission before using the music in public to avoid penalties.

What are and who are Performing Rights Organizations?

There are generally three different Performing Rights Organizations which includes SESAC, ASCAP and BMI is the US. Their sole purpose is to provide the businesses along with other entities which are into public performance offer then license in a convenient and reasonable manner. On the other hand they protect the right of composers, music publisher, and songwriters as well.

What is the work of PRO License?

With the PRO license, you can get the license of entertaining your customers, employees, and guests by choosing any work. The biggest benefit of PRO license is it provides you with the right of performing all or any of the works included in the repertories. Irrespective of a live music, transmitted, broadcast or videos or CDs, with the PRO license, you are covered. Paying individually can save expense, burden, and time while help to obtain the right to play the copyrighted songs.

Why will I have to buy the licenses from three different PROs?

When you get a music license with only one PRO, it enables to perform the copyrighted music that is represented by the organization. This does not mean that the music licensed by other organizations is also covered. The reason is because each composer or songwriter who belong to one PRO at one time as each PRO license has the own unique repertory.

I purchased the Digital audio Files, CDs, Equipment, and Software for playing music. Cant I play my chosen song anywhere?

Even when most of the people purchase the audio files, software or CDs by thinking that it is now their own properly, as per the law there is a difference between owning a music copy and also owning the actual music. When you are purchasing a software of CD or an audio file, even such which are particularly for business use, the price that you are paying while buying provides you the right ti play it in private. When you decide t play it in public or for your professional use, you definitely need to get in touch with a licensing company.

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Do musicians or bands or DJs need to buy the license?

Well, the answer is no as the sole responsibility lies on the owner who is booking them. Whether it is a shopping mall or a big park or other places where the DJs plan to make their show, it is not the duty of the DJ to get the license, but it is the responsibility of the owner of the place to get the rights in order to stay away from getting penalized.

So these are some of the most common questions mostly asked by the business owners who are looking forward to including music in their profession. Music of the Sea is one of the best music licensing platforms that can become a help for the business as well as the songwriter and composers. They have some of the best teams who can get your license and help you to use it the way you want.

If you are willing to get your music license or obtain a license for music to include in your professional ground, feel free to contact Music of the Sea today. They have some of the best trainers and courses designed to help people and manage everything seamlessly.