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License your music to Major Films, TV, Games, Advertisements! Make money from licensing your songs with Music Of The Sea! Your Songs will be licensed right along with Beyonce, Kool And The Gang, etc building your brand and web presence.

We have the attention of many major networks and they want to use the artist and composers from our catalog! Have your song/tracks along ride along side the major artist in our catalog and grow your brand!!!

"High Quality" tracks only, no exceptions! No Demos and unmastered tracks, no uncleared samples. You must have clean versions available, and you must own master and publishing rights! Huge opportunity! If you have music in our catalog, your music is automatically being considered.

Why the higher than average submission fee?

Often we hear music that doesn’t make the final cut for a particular opportunity but we go ahead and select the song anyway because we believe the song is appropriate for other opportunities we’re working on. Here at Music of The Sea, we fill dozens of sync requests every week. We don’t have time to listen to everything so the higher submission fee tends to discourage all but the best - and we sign a lot of music and we place almost all of it. We also have interns and this fee adds a bonus for their daily hard work.

We only offer one deal and the terms are the same for everyone, so don’t submit if you’re seeking another type of deal. If we love the song we hear and want to work with you we will also have interest in hearing other songs in your catalog and possibly doing a broader deal.

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Seeking Wedding, Love Songs, Inspirational Songs and Ballads.

Seeking Wedding, Love Songs, and Ballads. Songs in the style of Mariah Carey, Lionel Ritchie, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Brian McKnight, Sam Smith, Marvin Gaye, Baby Face. Songs will be added to our catalog to pitch for TV and films on networks such as FOX, CBS, NBC Universal, Weinstein Co, etc. Advertisements such as Sony Playstation, Pepsi, Starbucks, Nissan, Gillette, Toyota, tons more, etc. We have a "Huge" track record of placing music with these entities! We've placed music in several Blockbuster Films recently!!

Price: $25.00 Per Song.

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Image Catalog

  • We have a ton of Dope tunes on Mortal Kombat games, online, etc.
  • We have some serious featured placements on this D C TV show on C W.
  • Our company hails from "The Chi" so its only right that we provide a ton of fly music for this Showtime hit Show!!
  • We are Proud to be a Sponsor of the 9th Annual Guild Of Supervisor Awards!! Shout to all the Nominees!!
  • The Madness Continues! Check for more of our "Lit" 80's 90's Hip Hop music in this crazy show on NBC!!!
  • We have some "Intense Funk And Serious Soul" in this show on ABC!!!
  • We're proud to have some "Lit" songs featured in this Blockbuster Series on FOX!!"
  • We have some "Beautiful Live Jazz Pieces" from some great artist in this Massive Series on NBC!
  • We are Happy to be a continuing force behind Tyler Perry's films, we've placed some Hot music in this Blockbuster Comedy!
  • We've placed Soulful Song "Everything Is Alright" for the Trailer in this "Lit" new series"Here And Now" on HBO!!!
  • We've placed some music in our Home Town TV Series "Chicago P.D." on NBC!!!
  • We've placed several "Dope" songs from some Great Indie Artist in this New Film starring the Dragon Queen from "Game of Thrones"
  • Lookout for this New Movie "Affairs Of State" ! Starring Thora Birch, David Corenswet, Mimi Rogers! We have some "Hot" artists songs featured in this Joint!
  • That Crazed" TV Series "The Sinner" is back on USA network and we have some "Lit" songs featured from some Dope artist! Shoutout to our NBC/UNI family!
  • We've placed some of our great artist including The Legendary Female Rap Star "M C Lyte" in this Brand New Drama Series "In Contempt" On BET!!!!
  • We welcome "Beyonce" Knowles songs to Music Of The Sea! Come to us to license "Hot" Songs from Beyonce!! 100's of Major Artist to License!
  • This is the Number #1 movie at the Box Office eclipsing 27 million! And we are proud to have some Dope songs in this Blockbuster!!!
  • Another Brand New series we have some of our "Flyest "music in!
  • We have some "Hot" songs featured in this Massive new show on NBC!
  • We have several of our "Dope" Indie artist songs in this Hot New Dramedy on TNT!!!!
  • We keepin this FOX series "Lit" with several artist songs in several genres!!!
  • We placed some of our "Hottest" Bollywood artists in this Brand New series on FOX!!
  • We welcome legendary West Coast Rap Star Snoop Dogg! Bollywood Style!
  • Another Scandinavian Cool film that we dropped some Music Of The Sea artist in!!
  • Our Artist have a major role in this Massive New TV Show! Spinoff of Denzel's Oscar Nominated Blockbuster!
  • Checkout more " Music Of The Sea" Artist Songs in this Hit CBS T V Show! Shout out to our CBS Family!
  • Check for some of our "Dope" artist songs in this 70's remake on CBS!!!
  • We have several "Dope Artist" in this Blockbuster !!
  • Here's a few films and tv shows we've placed some of our talented artist music in!
  • We've placed several Dope songs in the Danish Blockbuster Sequel!
  • Checkout more of our artists songs in this story of the ups and downs in the rise of comedian Jamie Fox!
  • We're proud to be a continuing force of "Music" behind Oprah's "Own" Network! We've placed some really "Dope" artists in this new Drama series called "Love Is_____" !!!
  • We have more "Hot" music in this Tyler Perry Production!
  • We recently placed some "Hot" music in this episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians!
  • We've Also Placed Tons Of Music In This Block Buster Movie "Scary Movie 5"
  • We placed some of our "Hot" Indie music this Massive "Breaking Bad" Spinoff !!